Local News Stories during WW2

Read about the stories that made the local newspapers during World War 2.

Day Out for Dunkirk Wounded

This wonderful report, which appeared in the local newspaper, describes how a party of wounded soldiers who at Dunkirk , were treated by the kind people of Bromley, when they visited the town on a day trip. The occasion was ...
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Salute the Soldier, 1944

Salute the Soldier Week – August 1944

'Salute the Solider Week' was a national fundraising effort to encourage civilians to place their money in government accounts, as Britain prepared for a final assault on Nazi Germany. Across the country celebrations began with a parade and culminated on ...
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Some Bone! – Collecting for the War Effort in WW2

In 1941, the Department of National War Services put in place a nation-wide salvage programme. Households across the country were asked to collect metals, paper, bones, rags and fat.  It wasn't done for the environment but rather for the war effort ...
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“Doodle Bugs” – Goebbels has been having a field day

Written by the Vicar of Bromley, this report appeared in the Bromley & District Times on 30th June 1944 "Doodle Bugs" Goebbels has been having a field day.  The description of London under a pall of smoke with the arterial ...
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Work of the Firemen in 1944

In preparation for war, the Auxiliary Fire Service was established in the United Kingdom in 1938 to supplement the many individual peacetime fire fighters. The AFS had their own often rapidly-constructed or requisitioned stations, or added their own services to ...
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Spitfires in echelon

Fighter Fund for Bromley

This advert for support and volunteers for the Fighter Fund in Bromley was published in the Bromley & District Times on 23rd August 1940. Enthusiastic Support - Subscriptions Coming in - - All Classes want to help - - Volunteers ...
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Great Air Battles Off Coast, August 1940

This report details the beginning of the Battle of Britain, outlining the impressive number of aircraft brought down by the R.A.F. and ground defence units, who work tirelessly to protect Britain.  Reported in the Bromley & District Times, 23rd August 1940 ...
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King Visits Anti-Aircraft in West Wickham, 1940

The King has twice visited North-West Kent this week - on Saturday before for a Home Guard parade at West Wickham, and again on Wednesday to inspect a number of defence units, including a listening post at West Wickham. As reported in ...
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The Battle of Britain is on, August 1940

When France collapsed, it was anticipated that Britain would be next.  However, as the Bromley & District Times reported in August 1940, both the R.A.F. and anti-aircraft gunners, although less in numbers, were vastly superior and stronger, managing to keep enemy at ...
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Housekeeping during world war 2

Homekeeping in Wartime

This article featured in the Bromley & District Times in August 1940, providing advice to housewives to help the with the organisation of the kitchen and larder to cope with any eventuality in this current conflict. The wise housewife will ...
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