Local News Stories during WW2

Read about the stories that made the local newspapers during World War 2.

Man Survives Air Raid which Destroyed his House

When a bomb demolished a house in a suburb on Saturday afternoon, the owner was inside. To the amazement of the A.R.P. workers who were at once on the spot, the man crawled from the wreckage suffering only from cuts ...
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How OXO helped Strengthen the Home Front

In 1840 a German chemist, by the name of Baron Justus von Liebig (1803-1873), invented meat extract through his Extract of Meat Company, and shortly after Oxo was created.  The formula was so popular that by 1908 Oxo was able to ...
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Burial of Air Raid Casualties

The idea seems to have gained currency in some districts where there have, unhappily, been fatal air-raid casualties, that such persons are buried, more or less unceremoniously, in a public grave. That is a wrong impression altogether, and that it ...
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Men Wanted Now

The devastation left by the air raids on, and around, London was immense and people were needed to help with the clear up.  This advert appeared in the Bromley District Times newspaper on the 18th October 1940 advertising for those ...
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Flight-Sergeant Charles Sydney

KILLED IN ACTION Flight-Sergeant C. Sydney. St Mary Cray. Flight-Sergeant Charles Sydney, aged 25 years, third son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Sydney, of Derry Downs, St. Mary Cray, was killed during a combat with the Germans on September 27 ...
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Ten Planes Brought Down during 1940 air battle

Another week of heavy bombing was felt over London in early Autumn 1940.  While thousands of people travelled to work in London one Friday morning, enemy aircraft and British fighters fought in the skies overhead. The Bromley & District newspaper ...
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To the Editor Sir,- I should much like to express through the medium of your paper, our deep appreciation of the great work being done by all the Civil Defence Services. The tireless devotion to duty and the splendid courage ...
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The Crisp Brothers

One family from Bromley, Kent saw three of their five sons on active services during World War 2.  This short article, printed in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on the 8th November 1940 (page 5), gives readers an update ...
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Private Albert C.J. Boxall

Private Albert Boxall

Prisoner of War Mr  and Mrs A. Boxall, of 38 Holbrook Way, Bromley, have received recent news from their son, Albert Boxall, who had been a prisoner of war in Germany since May 1940, when he was captured on the ...
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Ancient Church Damaged, 1940

Stained Glass Destroyed An ancient Parish Church in S.E. England was damaged during a recent air raid.  A bomb fell near the building and smashed the beautiful stained glass and did some damage to the fabric. Te Rector, who is ...
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