Adverts during WW2

These adverts appeared in the local newspaper during the World War 2 years.


No Waste! Tactics of the Kitchen Front

This advert, to help combat waste in the kitchen, featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on 20th September ...
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Fashion Conscious - September 1940

Autumn Fashions – 1940

For the fashion conscious in 1940, this advert appeared in the Bromley & District Times on 13th September 1940 ...
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Lifebuoy Soap – Advert, 1940

Lifebuoy was introduced in England by Lever Brothers in 1895, and marketed as a soap that could be used in ...
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Wolfe & Hollander Furniture

Purchasing Furniture in 1940

Anyone for new furniture in the sale? A three-piece suite for under £24 Remember: Gns are guineas A guinea was ...
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War Shelter - Advert from July 1940

Getting an Air Raid Shelter at Low Cost during the Battle of Britain

This advert for a concrete air raid shelter appeared in the Bromley & District Times at the start of the ...
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Oh for an electric dish-washer!

The first dishwasher was invented in the USA in 1857 by Josephine Cochrane (trust a woman to realise the value ...
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