World War Two

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Battle of Britain - World War 2
Next year, 1919 will be the 80th anniversary of the start of World War 2, which was declared on 3rd September, 1939.

At first after the declaration, very little appeared to happen although there were some casualties at sea. This period soon became known as the Phoney War. It lasted until the 10th May, 1940 and then the Germans began to move against the British Expeditionary Forces in France and Flanders. During the retreat, soldiers were often left behind; if they were lucky they were captured by the Germans; prisoners of war. Sometimes they were not so lucky.

World War Two

By the 26th May, 1940 the British army (or those who had survived ) were corralled on the beaches at Dunkirk with all appearances of sitting ducks waiting
for the attack from the German Army. However, for some reason, it did not occur and Hitler gave the job of attacking the British Army at Dunkirk to the Luftwaffe.

This gave just enough time to avert total disaster. Disaster was turned into a minor miracle by the rescue of 215,000 British and 123,000 French in British
ships, small and large to England. In the weeks following the evacuation, the papers were full of news of soldiers missing and then found to be prisoners of war. The war was over for them.

No Waste! Tactics of the Kitchen Front

This advert, to help combat waste in the kitchen, featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on 20th September ...
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Raiders Foiled in Air Attacks on London: 1940

The onslaught continued into September 1940.  This article appeared in the Bromley & District Times newspaper. Fine Work by R.A.F ...
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Fashion Conscious - September 1940

Autumn Fashions – 1940

For the fashion conscious in 1940, this advert appeared in the Bromley & District Times on 13th September 1940 ...
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Bombs on Villages during World War 2

This sad report were published in the Bromley & District Time newspaper on 6th September 1940. Family of Four Killed ...
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Dunkirk Help - Kent

Dunkirk Evacuation

From the Women’s page by Elvira The level of help at the evacuation of Dunkirk spread far further than just ...
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G Jones - Prisoner of War

Sapper R. G. Jones

As reported in the Bromley & District Times in 6th September 1940 Prisoner of War Mrs R. G, Jones of ...
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Unexploded Bomb on Railway - September 1940

Unexploded Bomb on Railway Line

Danger coolly tackled by staff In the South of England an unexploded bomb fell a short distance from a main-line ...
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Gun Crew - September 1940

Gun Crew who Shot down three Dornier bombers

This is the anti-aircraft gun crew who brought down three Dornier 17 bombers shortly after mid-day on Sunday last.  In ...
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Palin - Prisoner of War

Lance Corporal E. A. Palin

Reported in the Bromley & District Times, 6th September 1940. Prisoner of War Mrs G. L. Plain, 61 Newbury Road, ...
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Harvesters in a Raid

Reported in the Bromley & District Times, 6th September 1940 Mr. E. S. Oak-Rhind writes to The Times:- Somewhere among ...
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Second-Lieutenant Terence Thorpe-Woods

As reported in the Bromley & District Times on 6th September 1940, another soldier is reported as a Prisoner of ...
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County of the Kent Red Cross

As reported in the Bromley & District Times in September 1940 Travel Vouchers for Relatives Lady Hohler, Fawkham Manor writes:- ...
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Private Edward F. Belsey

Reported in the Bromley & District Times on 6th September 1940 Prison of War: Edward F. Belsey, Bromley This week ...
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Sec. Lieutenant Claudius C. G. Anderson

Reported in the Bromley & District Times on 6th September 1940 Prisoner of War: Second-Lieutenant C.C.G. Anderson, R.A. Mr and ...
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Sec. Lieutenant John B. Bassett

Reported in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on 6th September 1940 Prisoner of War: Second-Lieutenant John B. Bassett Mr ...
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Day Out for Dunkirk Wounded

This wonderful report, which appeared in the local newspaper, describes how a party of wounded soldiers who at Dunkirk , ...
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Salute the Soldier, 1944

Salute the Soldier Week – August 1944

'Salute the Solider Week' was a national fundraising effort to encourage civilians to place their money in government accounts, as ...
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Some Bone! – Collecting for the War Effort in WW2

In 1941, the Department of National War Services put in place a nation-wide salvage programme. Households across the country were asked ...
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“Doodle Bugs” – Goebbels has been having a field day

Written by the Vicar of Bromley, this report appeared in the Bromley & District Times on 30th June 1944 "Doodle ...
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Work of the Firemen in 1944

In preparation for war, the Auxiliary Fire Service was established in the United Kingdom in 1938 to supplement the many ...
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Spitfires in echelon

Fighter Fund for Bromley

This advert for support and volunteers for the Fighter Fund in Bromley was published in the Bromley & District Times ...
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Great Air Battles Off Coast, August 1940

This report details the beginning of the Battle of Britain, outlining the impressive number of aircraft brought down by the R.A.F ...
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King Visits Anti-Aircraft in West Wickham, 1940

The King has twice visited North-West Kent this week - on Saturday before for a Home Guard parade at West ...
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The Battle of Britain is on, August 1940

When France collapsed, it was anticipated that Britain would be next.  However, as the Bromley & District Times reported in August ...
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Housekeeping during world war 2

Homekeeping in Wartime

This article featured in the Bromley & District Times in August 1940, providing advice to housewives to help the with ...
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The King Visits Kent, 1940

When the local Home Guard received a surprise visit from Royalty in August 1940, the local newspaper reported the excitement ...
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Food Facts, August 1940

A regular feature in the local newspaper in the 1940's, here is another list of useful 'Food Facts' for readers ...
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War Bonds Advert

Buy National War Bonds, Advert 1940

War Bonds - Britain's Broadsides! Britain's vast war effort calls for weapons of every calibre.  National War Bonds are the ...
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Lifebuoy Soap – Advert, 1940

Lifebuoy was introduced in England by Lever Brothers in 1895, and marketed as a soap that could be used in ...
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Coney Hall Fete, August 1940

This article, which featured in the Bromley & District Times on 9th August 1940, shows the carefree nature of life ...
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Winston Churchill

Prime Minister’s Message: August 1940

On Saturday 4th August 1940 the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, issued a statement via 10 Downing Street wishing it to ...
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Private Walter Waters

Private Walter Waters

Another of the men of the Royal West Kent Regiment reported missing is Prvate Walter Waters the son of Mr ...
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TWERPS on stage

Troop Entertainers wanted

The Bromley T.W.E.R.P.S. Concert Party was an amatuer group set up for the purpose of entertaining service personnel and giving ...
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Collecting Pots and Pans, 1940

Recycling at its best

Recycling and re-using was a huge part of life during World War II, we could certainly learn a lot from ...
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Local Newspaper Reports

Typical Local News Reports from WW2

Here we show a typical page from a local newspaper which, like so many others, had several reports of men missing ...
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Air Raid Warden

Hero Honoured with Award from King

We watch Dad’s Army and see the Chief ARP Warden Hodges bickering with Captain Mainwaring. We can still enjoy the ...
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Service Families

Our Service Families

Wartime was be a huge sacrifice to families with sons going off to war; wives left without husbands; fearing they ...
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National Savings poster

Saving for the War Campaign

The National Savings Movement was a mass savings movement that operated in Britain between 1916 and 1978. It was used ...
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Grow Fit not Fat on your War Diet!

The Ministry of Food published some food facts in local newspapers during WW2 to encourage readers to 'Cut of "Extras", ...
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Making Ends Meet - August 1940

Making Ends Meet

This advert appeared in the Bromley & District Times on 9th August 1940 Think of Great Britain as one great ...
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War-Time Sweet Treats – recipes

Housekeeping in War-Time When rations meant that sweet treats were few and far between, the local newspaper provided recipes with ...
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Ramble with a Thrill

Ramble with a Thrill “Bomber Came Out of the Clouds” A lady who was walking with a friend in a ...
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Thrilling Aerial Dog-Fights over Kent in WW2

Raiders Over Kent ------------------ Bombers Chased off by R.A.F. and A.A. Gunners ------------------- Home Guard “Bag” a Dornier with Rifle ...
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German Plane Brought Down

A German aeroplane which was brought down in South East England on Sunday 28th July 1940 [source: Bromley & District ...
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Furneral of German pilots - Cudham Church 1940

German pilots buried in Cudham

This story appeared in the Bromley & District Times newspaper in July 1940, recording the funeral of two German airmen ...
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Signaller Peter Robert Marchant - 1940

Signaller Peter Robert Marchant

Reported in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on the 19th July 1940 Missing Signaller Peter Robert Marchant of Bromley ...
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Private Henry R. Eldridge, 19th July 1940

Private Harry Robert Eldridge of St Mary Cray

Private Harry Robert Eldridge was reported as missing in the Bromley & District Times on 19th July 1940, however a ...
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Private P J Reynolds -19th July 1940

Private Patrick Joseph Reynolds, Bickley

Private Patrick Joseph Reynolds of the Royal West Kent Regiment, was reported as missing in the Bromley & District Times ...
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Private W. Turrell - 19th July 1940

Private Frederick William Turrell , of St Marys Cray

Reported in the Bromley & District Times newspaper, 19th July 1940 Missing in Action Mrs Turrell, of 42 Bridge Road, ...
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Medal Winners - OBE -, dated 9th July 1940

Local Kent Medal Winners after Dunkirk, WW2

The London Gazette featured lists of officers and men who received awards for their bravery and service to the country ...
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Daring attacks over German and Italian territories, 1940

This report featured in the 19th July 1940 edition of the Bromley & District Times, giving readers an update on the ...
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Wolfe & Hollander Furniture

Purchasing Furniture in 1940

Anyone for new furniture in the sale? A three-piece suite for under £24 Remember: Gns are guineas A guinea was ...
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War Shelter - Advert from July 1940

Getting an Air Raid Shelter at Low Cost during the Battle of Britain

This advert for a concrete air raid shelter appeared in the Bromley & District Times at the start of the ...
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Fruit Preserving in Keston during WW2

Keston’s Home industry: Fruit Preserving in War-Time

There are few more interesting branches of war service than the homely fruit preserving work which is being undertaken by ...
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New Maternity Win at Farnborough Hospital

New Maternity Wing Opens at Farnborough Hospital in 1940

Remember a time when we were allowed flowers in the wards? At the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939, ...
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Air Fight over the Channel – July 1940

War news which featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on 19th July 1940 (page 5) Five Bombers and ...
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Prisoners of War from the Royal West Kent Regiment

Prisoners of War from the Royal West Kent Regiment

Officers of the Royal West Kent Regiment Mrs Watts, of Shepherds Lane, Dartford, wife of Lieutenant-Quartermaster Watts, received the photograph ...
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Oh for an electric dish-washer!

The first dishwasher was invented in the USA in 1857 by Josephine Cochrane (trust a woman to realise the value ...
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At Least Eleven Enemy Aircraft were Shot Down

A report featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper in July 1940. More daylight air raids have been made ...
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The Stupendous Rate of War Expenditure in World War 2

£1,000,000,000 for the War Stupendous National Expenditure AIR BATTLES OVER THE COAST The House of Commons has passed a further ...
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Orpington Gunner’s Ordeal

Stranded on Dunkirk Beach Gunner Ellard Grubb, whose home is at 40 Perry Hall rOad, Orpington, has arrived in England ...
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Private A C J Boxall

6345533 Private A C J Boxall (aged 19) with the Royal West Kent Regiment was posted as missing on May ...
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John Bond Bassett, 2nd Lieutenant

72521 2nd-Lieutenant John Bond Bassett , aged 28, was a printer by trade, the third son of Mr & Mrs ...
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