A variety of adverts published in local newspapers during World War 1

Wolfe & Hollander Furniture

Purchasing Furniture in 1940

Anyone for new furniture in the sale? A three-piece suite for under £24 Remember: Gns are guineas A guinea was worth 1 pound and 1 shilling (21 shillings) 18 guineas was £18 18s. 22 Gns was £23 2s (ie 20 shillings = £1) ½ Gn was 10s 6d (10/6) So ...
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War Shelter - Advert from July 1940

Getting an Air Raid Shelter at Low Cost during the Battle of Britain

This advert for a concrete air raid shelter appeared in the Bromley & District Times at the start of the Battle of Britain, in July 1940. Effective Shelter at Low Cost Concrete offers the maximum  protection from blast and splinters at lowest cost. We manufacture a practical Domestic Shelter for six ...
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Are you a lover of Sardines?

My husband love sardines, so this advert would have appealed to him ...
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Zam-buk advert - Allotments

Don’t run any risk with Allotment cuts & brusies – Use Zam-Buk

July 1918 The popularity of allotments at this time meant many could be liable to small scratches and cuts, which could quickly become infected and lead to severe consequences – after all- no antibiotics in 1918. An advert for Zam-Buk featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper. Don't run ...
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The Supreme test of British Womanhood

Adverts like this one from the Bromley & District Time (31st May 1918,  page 6) appeared in local newspapers advertising for woman to join the British Army in roles such as cooks, waitresses and clerks. The supreme test of British Womanhood comes now The British Army Urgently requires 5000 Women ...
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Women of Britain – We Need You…

An advert which appeared in the Bromley & District Times on the 24th May 1918 (page 6), advertising for the women of Britain to help with home service during the war. Women of Britain Will you come and cook for the men who are defending you and your home? 7,000 ...
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No ration card required

In 1918, the British government set out new laws introducing the rationing of certain food; Sugar, meat, flour, butter, margarine and milk, as a way of sharing food equally. However, as this advert shows from World Stores (who had branches at 50 East Street, Bromley and 41 High Street, Orpington), from the ...
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Our Soldiers Want More – Zam-Buk

Zam-Buk was advertised throughout the war. Our Soldiers Want More - Zam-Buk To Heal their CUTS, BAD FEET & TRENCH SORES... Don't let your soldier lad go with out Zam-Buk I was surprised to see a small tin of Zam Buk in my son’s kitchen.  It is still being made ...
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