Wearing Furs

Fur Coats, Fur Trimmed Coats, Cloth Coats, Furs and Millnery. In October 1917, the shops were advertising winter wear. Fur, real fur in those days, was very popular with the affluent.    

Sainsbury’s Fashion, 1917

Yes, it is Sainsbury’s.   When I started reading these newspapers I was surprised to see that at that time, Sainsbury’s was not a food store but sold clothes and linen and other such items. If you read the Sainsbury’s website, it seems that Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann, who set up a small store selling milk with scrupulous care of hygiene and quality of food. The link below is quite interesting. Sainsburys Humble Beginnings 1869-1900 Perhaps there was more than…

Fashions of January 1917

At no other sale in the kingdom can you buy Royal Worcester Kidfitting Corsets at Lower Prices than at Medhurst’s Winter Sale Aren’t you glad you do not have to wear garments such as these today?  But you get a good idea of why ladies of the time tended to have a fairly gentle sedentary life. No jogging or marathons possible in these clothes! [source: Bromley & District Times, 5th January 1917, pg 5]