An Advanced Diploma in Local Studies at the Department of Continuing Education at Rewley House, Oxford, opened my eyes to new possibilities in historical research.

I finally found my inspiration for my present project in the Bromley War Memorial which lists some 848 names of casualties from the First World War.

Wondering where to look for information apart from the main internet sites I cast about and, more by chance, than anything else started looking at the Bromley and District Times. Here I found lists of men and their addresses being recalled to service and volunteering. The information was too good to ignore and I began the process of creating tables of information which ultimately became my website

Realising what a wonderful resource the newpapers were I have spent the last two years researching and writing a book about Bromley in World War 1, which I hope to publish.

Pam Preedy, B.Ed, B.A, M.A

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