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Old Newspapers are a wonderful source of information. I have been working with the Bromley and District Times during World War 1 and its aftermath collecting and listing the names of military personnel who have featured in it for my Military Ancestors project.

Through this research I have also gathered fascinating stories, articles and adverts from the time.  These I can now bring to you through my website Footsteps to the Past – stories written about the people of the time: by the people of the time.

I hope you enjoy reading them too.


Latest Extracts

Caretaker needed for Smallpox Hospital – Job Advert, 1941

Looking for a job? Here’s a good one for a couple – but the remunerations is somewhat uneven ...
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Sending Parcels to the Front Line

Right from the outset of the second world war, British railways were the mainstay of the internal transport ...
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Highest Scout Honour Given, 1941

The Silver Wolf scouting award is the highest award given out by The Scout Association.  It is an unrestricted ...
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Battle of the Atlantic

An example of how newspapers advertised the dramatics of the war to help sell newspapers. This advert for ...
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Communal Kitchens coming to Beckenham – WW2

Communal kitchens were created in the 1940's, during the Second World War, to help people who had been ...
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Refugee Wedding: Pittock-Buss to Gross

Geoffrey Pittock-Buss was born in Croydon in 1919, the son of civil servant James John Adam Pittock-Buss (1885–1962) ...
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Death of Sub-Lieutenant Stafford-Clark, 1940

Sub Lieutenant (A) John Stafford-Clark was the son of former Mayor of Bromley Francis Stafford-Clark (1929-1930). This notice ...
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The T.W.E.R.P.S.: Spring edition

The T.W.E.R.P.S. were a local amateur concert party. who were in much demand during World War 2 to ...
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Denouncing the “Quislings’ of Europe

Quisling - a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country. The term ‘quisling’ originated in ...
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What do I do? – Ministry of Information Advice

The Ministry of Information (MOI), was a central government department created briefly at the end of the first world war, ...
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The Wedding of Rodney Russell and Nancy Tapper

The second world war saw a sudden increase in weddings, mostly likely due to the uncertainty of what ...
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The Browns of Bromley

This edition of Service Families which was published in the Bromley & District Times during World War Two ...
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