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Old Newspapers are a wonderful source of information. I have been working with the Bromley and District Times during World War 1 and its aftermath collecting and listing the names of military personnel who have featured in it for my Military Ancestors project.

Through this research I have also gathered fascinating stories, articles and adverts from the time.  These I can now bring to you through my website Footsteps to the Past – stories written about the people of the time: by the people of the time.

I hope you enjoy reading them too.


Latest Extracts

Gnocchi alla Romana

Italian Recipes for Meatless Days – Gnocchi alla Romana

By 1917, certain foods were in short supply, especially meat, wheat for bread, butter and sugar.  Here is ...
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Do you like the boots? Bon Marché fashion

This advert for the Bon Marché store in Brixton appeared in the Bromley & District Times in early ...
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Prisoners of War from the Royal West Kent Regiment

Prisoners of War from the Royal West Kent Regiment

Officers of the Royal West Kent Regiment Mrs Watts, of Shepherds Lane, Dartford, wife of Lieutenant-Quartermaster Watts, received ...
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Oh for an electric dish-washer!

The first dishwasher was invented in the USA in 1857 by Josephine Cochrane (trust a woman to realise ...
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At Least Eleven Enemy Aircraft were Shot Down

A report featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper in July 1940. More daylight air raids have ...
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The Stupendous Rate of War Expenditure in World War 2

£1,000,000,000 for the War Stupendous National Expenditure AIR BATTLES OVER THE COAST The House of Commons has passed ...
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